How Does it Work

HypnoBirthing is based on more than just a positive mindset, it is based on physiology. The modern woman is now conditioned to believe that birth is stressful, terrible and painful from persistent negative media images and birth stories from well-intentioned friends and family. If the mind is holding onto any fearful messages (perceived or actual) during birth, the brain and nervous system pick up these signals and the body triggers the release of the sympathetic nervous system - the fear or flight zone - that effects the normal functioning of the uterus. The muscle that should be contracting or surging and gently opening and moving baby down instead closes to protect the baby from a stressful environment that is unsafe to be born in.


In turn, the blood flow which would normally be supplying the uterus with oxygen and allowing normal functioning of the uterus, is shunted to other parts of the body that are important for running and fighting, neither which are appropriate for birth! This leaves the uterus oxygen deprived and it doesn’t function properly, causing unnecessary pain.  On a biochemical level, there are changes that happen in the sympathetic zone. Stress hormones come cruising through the body called catecholamine’s blocking the body’s natural pain relieving endorphins that are the feel good hormones allowing us to feel pleasure and block pain.


HypnoBirthing allows women to re-condition their thought patterns so they feel calm and confident throughout birth. With regular practice listening to meditation tracks, along with positive birth affirmations and self-hypnosis techniques, the mind believes that birth is normal and the new messages become part of the woman's belief system.  

HypnoBirthing also teaches special breathing and visualisation and deepening techniques to send messages to the woman’s brain that they are calm and safe, allowing the birthing muscles to function normally, maximising their efficiency.

As the sensations of birth get stronger and more powerful, so does the release of endorphins and women are able to go deeper and deeper into a wonderful space where her body and baby do the work together.


Recent research into the effectiveness of the HypnoBirthing program has shown:

  • Approximately 70% of HypnoBirthing mothers birth without the use of pain relieving medications;

  • 45% of HypnoBirthing mothers birthed under 8 hours;

  • 17% of HypnoBirthing mothers birthed via LUSCS compared to the national average of 32%.


HypnoBirthing is suitable for women in all models of care including public, private, caseload and homebirth.

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